Why are branded advent calendars an effective marketing tool?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

If you’re looking for the perfect promotional Christmas giveaway or gift for clients, colleagues or even prospects, there are so many options to choose from.

Finding a branded gift that’s cost-effective, completely customisable and engages the receiver can almost seem like an impossible challenge.

Yet one of the most simple and beloved festive traditions can be used as a promotional tool to maximise your marketing efforts and boost your return on investment – branded advent calendars.

Why are promotional advent calendars so popular?

Advent calendars are said to have first made an appearance in the late 1800s. Since then, they have become a universal and timeless tradition to countdown to the holiday festivities.

Chocolate was introduced behind the doors of advent calendars during the 1950s, and have soared in popularity since.

Why? We’re a nation of chocoholics. In the UK alone, the chocolate and confectionary market is worth a staggering £4billion.

Did you know - in 2020, the average person will consume around 27kg of chocolate (we did the math, and we’re talking around 150 of those big Dairy Milk sharing bars). It’s no wonder why chocolate is hailed as one of the UK’s favourite sweet treats.

Everyone’s heard the saying “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach”, and it couldn’t be any more accurate.

Branded advent calendars for marketing and HR purposes

There are so many ways you can use advent calendars to maximise your marketing, accomplish key objectives and make that all-important return on investment.

If you’re looking to attract new clients, advent calendars are a great way to increase lead generation by raising brand awareness and driving traffic to your website or social media.

You can print whatever you want on the inside of each door. This means that during the holiday countdown, your prospect can be greeted by a different call to action each day – such as a website URL, limited time voucher code or social media handle.

2020 has become the year of the homeworker and could change the way workplaces operate, so company branded advent calendars are also a must-have for engaging with colleagues too.

HR departments are sourcing new ways to keep everyone motivated – something more riveting than bi-weekly internal company newsletters. Advent calendars could be the answer, helping colleagues to feel appreciated, sparking conversation and social media sharing – you could even develop a hashtag!

It’s worth noting that 72% of people who receive a branded gift feel appreciated – and when an employee or client feels valued, their more likely to stay with your company. So, using advent calendars to say thank you for your loyalty will be a welcomed gesture.

Custom advent calendar printing – what are my options?

So, you’ve decided that a custom advent calendar will be a yummy addition to your festive marketing campaign, but what are your options?

The first step would be to choose the style – choose between a traditional advent calendar, which comes with an indent on the back so it can be hung on a wall; or a desktop calendar, equip with a fold out stand so it can perch on a desk. You can find out more about or advent calendar products here.

When it comes to customising your advent calendar – the sky is the limit. All of our promotional chocolate calendars are printed in full colour from edge to edge with any design, logo and colours you wish. Whether it’s a detailed photograph or flamboyant multi coloured design, anything is possible.

Printing inside each of the doors is also available. You can add further customisation with unique voucher or discount codes, making the return on investment easy to track!

There’s also a range of finishes you can choose from – including matte and gloss, so your brand is reflected exactly how you want it to be.

Please note that some of the above may be subject to minimum order quantities – basically, the more advent calendars you order, the more customised they can be.

Here at The Chocolate Calendar Company, we’ve supplied advent calendars for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Google and Arsenal FC – proving that they go down a treat! All our advent calendars are supplied with delicious foil wrapped chocolate to help your marketing look and taste amazing.

Drop us an email at sales@chocolatecalendars.co.uk and together we will transform your advent calendar ideas into reality!

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